Sunday, 8 March 2009

Aint it Great!

Yesterday, I was feeling really bored, so me and my sister decided to play around with the camera, taking stupid photographs of each other. The photos that my sister took of herself didn't come out very well, but these silly ones of me did, so I decided to scrapbook them. I wanted to record how much more confident I have been feeling about my appearence recently, and the fact that I felt able to pose for these photos after all. Only a few months ago, I would have been so worried about the way that I looked that these photos would never have been taken.

I started playing around with a full 12 by 12 piece of cardstock, but I had no inspiration. So I did what I always do to get my mojo back - cut the page in half. I love working on a 6 by 12 piece of cardstock, and it also makes my supplies go a lot further....

I got half way through this layout before realising that, with some tweaking, it would fit the criteria for the march weekly challenge on UKS. So I added some brads here, another colour there, and ended up with a layout that I love!

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Today a schoolgirl made...... inchies!

I made a set of 30 inchies for a swap on UKS. I've never done any of these before and at first I found them really hard because they are on such a small scale. However they are quite addictive - I soon got into them and ended up making all 30 with ideas to spare!

I made a lot of these backgrounds with a new technique - transferring my photos with gel medium. Basically, I brushed it on thickly on to both the photo and the cardstock I wanted to transfer it onto. I then burnished the back of the photo, which shifted the top layer of paper onto the card. Finally, I rubbed off the paper, leaving the ink remaining on the card.

This photograph is useless on purpose - because it's a swap, I dont think that it is fair on my swapees to publish them properly before they get them. Once I get my end of the swap back, some better photos will be going up!