Friday, 20 February 2009

A Collection of Catkins

Well I said that I would keep pointing out signs of spring, so I went for a walk today to make the most of the lovely weather and what did I spot? Catkins! Literally hundreds of them were dangling off the hedgerows and dancing in the breeze. Seeing as my little point-and-shoot works best with close up subjects, and as these close up subjects dont tend to move, I now have a collection of catkin photographs to share with you :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spring Flowers

Well I blogged about how much I loved the snowdrops coming through in our garden, and so today I went out with my camera to try and take a photo of some of them. The snowdrops were particularly difficult, but I ended up with this:

Then I saw that there were some beautiful little aconites coming through as well (the yellow blobs in the background of that picture) so I had to photograph them. I love the look of these little buds - they look like fat little babies!

And finally, I realised that the witch hazel was finally flowering, so of course I had to photograph their shaggy little blossoms:

Spring is springing!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Signs of Spring!

I used to love winter. I loved playing in the snow, I loved those crisp, clear days were the sky is bright blue and there's frost on the ground. I loved coming in on a freezing day to a roaring wood fire and I loved snuggling up at night with a blanket and slippers. But it has gone on for far too long this year, and now I'm fed up.

To cheer me up, I'm going to look for one sign of spring each day. If I can photograph it or make something with it, then I will. But more importantly, I will try to write several times a week about the beautiful signals that tell me that spring has nearly sprung.

So today, it was the sight of some tiny, not fully opened snowdrops that had jumped up by the ash tree in our front garden. Their nodding heads reminded me that the last snow we had melted pretty quickly, and that yesterday I went outside with a jumper but no coat. They were so beautiful, and they have really lifted my spirits. The first sign of spring all year is always the most perfect.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Owl Family

Today a schoolgirl made... An Owl Family!

I got these owls in a buttonbag kit for christmas. It is aimed at kids around 10 years old, but I had seen it in a shop months ago and I didn't care about the age limit - I wanted them. Since unwrapping them at christmas I've been saving them for a rainy day, but yesterday I decided that the time had come to make them.

I'm a complete novice at sewing - I nearly took textiles for GCSE but didn't because I had no control over the sewing machine! These owls were nicely easy but not so easy I got bored, and the fabric was so gorgeous I was never going to leave them half finished!

I sat on the floor in my room for hours and hours cutting all the fabric, sewing on buttons, and stitching seams. I even had to invent my own way to sew my faces on because I didn't know blanket stitch! But now I have a wonderful little owl family to sit on my desk and inspire me.