Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spring Flowers

Well I blogged about how much I loved the snowdrops coming through in our garden, and so today I went out with my camera to try and take a photo of some of them. The snowdrops were particularly difficult, but I ended up with this:

Then I saw that there were some beautiful little aconites coming through as well (the yellow blobs in the background of that picture) so I had to photograph them. I love the look of these little buds - they look like fat little babies!

And finally, I realised that the witch hazel was finally flowering, so of course I had to photograph their shaggy little blossoms:

Spring is springing!


  1. Lovely photos, roll on the seasonal change!

  2. Lucky you...no signs of Spring here in east Kent yet.

  3. Lovely photo's glad that things are starting to heat up after all this cold weather.

  4. love your photos .... spring has snuck up on us all without us realising !!

  5. Lovely photos lydia, I do love the first one of the snowdrops. Nothing of spring here but glad its on its way. Please photograph some more your photos are cool :)