Sunday, 8 February 2009

Owl Family

Today a schoolgirl made... An Owl Family!

I got these owls in a buttonbag kit for christmas. It is aimed at kids around 10 years old, but I had seen it in a shop months ago and I didn't care about the age limit - I wanted them. Since unwrapping them at christmas I've been saving them for a rainy day, but yesterday I decided that the time had come to make them.

I'm a complete novice at sewing - I nearly took textiles for GCSE but didn't because I had no control over the sewing machine! These owls were nicely easy but not so easy I got bored, and the fabric was so gorgeous I was never going to leave them half finished!

I sat on the floor in my room for hours and hours cutting all the fabric, sewing on buttons, and stitching seams. I even had to invent my own way to sew my faces on because I didn't know blanket stitch! But now I have a wonderful little owl family to sit on my desk and inspire me.


  1. THey're gorgeous - and great sewing too!

  2. Cute, very very cute :) Very good sewing too, better than my hand sewing thats for sure! I love the little baby, and the faces are adorable. Thanks for sharing them Lydia :)

  3. love the owls, there fab. the snowdrop photo is great to, you have a good eye.