Sunday, 1 March 2009


Today a schoolgirl made...... inchies!

I made a set of 30 inchies for a swap on UKS. I've never done any of these before and at first I found them really hard because they are on such a small scale. However they are quite addictive - I soon got into them and ended up making all 30 with ideas to spare!

I made a lot of these backgrounds with a new technique - transferring my photos with gel medium. Basically, I brushed it on thickly on to both the photo and the cardstock I wanted to transfer it onto. I then burnished the back of the photo, which shifted the top layer of paper onto the card. Finally, I rubbed off the paper, leaving the ink remaining on the card.

This photograph is useless on purpose - because it's a swap, I dont think that it is fair on my swapees to publish them properly before they get them. Once I get my end of the swap back, some better photos will be going up!

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