Monday, 26 January 2009

Art Raffle - Shiny

Today, a schoolgirl made... an entry for an art raffle!
This month's theme was "Shiny", so I thought it would be easy. It's a pretty open topic, right? WRONG. The first thing I realised when I started work was how little shiny stuff I actually had. Could I find the silver gems I wanted? No. How about some little metal charms? No. But finally I worked out what shiny stuff I actually had - Glossy Accents, Glamour Dust, and purple gems. I also had a beautiful old magazine with lots of pictures I could cut up, and some pretty flowers.
So, what did I do?
First - I took a strip of corrugated card and pulled off some of the paper so the corrugation showed through.
Next - I painted the card dusky pink
Then - I stamped swirls on the card in versamark ink, and embossed them with a clear powder
Next - I cut out a womans head and a pair of wings from the magazine, coated the wings with glossy accents and glamour dust and let them dry
And Finally - I stuck everything down, and added a few purple gems as a necklace!
There, one entry done. I really didn't want to part with this one - it's the first entry I've made that I actually wanted to keep. Still, if I win I get this back and lots more...
Keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. Hi Lydia - thanks for your comment on my LO. So pleased that you liked the description of how I did it too. Good look with your raffle.
    Julie :)

  2. Lydia, this is so beautiful - well done!

  3. Lydia, this is fab. I love her wings and the was the ripples in the card are showing through. This is something else to try, thansk for sharing :)