Tuesday, 27 January 2009

What Do I See?

Today, a schoolgirl made... A Layout!

I've had the idea for a while - ever since one of the challenges on UKS - (use circles, fruity colours and a theme of new beginnings). I bought this lovely scalloped paper a while ago, but never got round to using it. Added to my new lime green flowers, I thought I had an idea coming on...

That was until I got to the photio. I had nothing. Not a bean. But last weekend I was playing with the camera, and one of the things that I took a photo of was my eye. I was really pleased with the photograph, so I thought that this was something I could use.

Now it was all coming together, and with the theme of new beginnings I started wondering "What do I see happening in 2009?"

Well, exams, 6th form, a lovely long summer holiday and hopefully a job. All well and good, but nothing exciting, and certainly not worth making a layout about. Then I realised one thing that I'd missed off that I thought was important - that recently I've been feeling the happiest I've ever been.

Perfect! Now all I had to do was print out the photo on a wonk, rub distress ink all over my page, and write 2008 instead of 2009.

But even with all those mistakes, I'm still pretty proud of this layout.

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  1. What a great LO - I especially like the way you've framed the photo with the grungeboard swirl and the flowers atr the bottom